Meet Our Staff

When it comes to your health you should have the best treatment, performed by the most competent and professional clinicians possible. We work hard to ensure that we live up to those expectations.

Iden Warnock PT, CSCS, JSCC
Iden was born and raised in Santa Rosa. He grew up with a passion to help people and pursued a career in physical therapy. Iden went to and graduated from Loma Linda University with a B.S in Physical Therapy. He then founded my own practice, Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy Inc. where he has worked and treated people ever since.
Niva Esquivel PT
Niva graduated from CSU Northridge with her B.S in physical therapy.She currently works part time at both CRPT and at Memorial Hospital. Niva loves what she does and she look forward to helping you on your road to recovery.
Harry Bergbauer, PTA
Harry will provide you with an intuitive treatment session, which is tailored to fit your body’s individual situation. Drawing from his 23 years of massage experience and his training in the field of physical therapy, Harry will meet your therapeutic needs.
Judith Collens, PTA
Judith went to PTA school at De Anza Cupertino College. She is  certified in massage therapy where she specialize in Ortho Massage. Judith has done work with home care in-patient and out-patient home health services. She uses all of her background knowledge to put together the best treatment plan she can. Judith looks forward to working with you to reach your goals.
Angeline Warnock, Aesthetician
Angeline has worked at the front desk of Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy Inc. for 7 years. She also does esthetician work on the side at this location. She specializes in facials and full body waxing. Facials are a minimum of 60 minutes (and YES, it does include a neck and shoulder massage!) Check out Angeline’s Aesthetics for more information.