“My back hurt so bad, I’m frequently on the road, and couldn’t in my car for hours on end. The painkillers didn’t work long enough, and I was worried I would become addicted to them. A friend suggested that I go to Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy instead. Whatever they did, I felt better immediately, and after six treatments I could drive again.”


“Volleyball is my life, and when my shoulder started hurting I cried–From the pain and how it was keeping me from what i do. The great people at Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy told me I had tendonitis and that they could help make it go away. Well, it did, Gotta go–volleyball practice, you know!”


“I broke my wrist in a fall, and ended up not being able to life my left arm without severe shooting pain. My therapist at Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy stuck by me the whole time I had treatment. After three visits, I started to gain strength in my arm, and now i am back on the job–and able to use my computer again!”